WELCOME Welcome to this bizarre and unusual place I call my website. In this website you will be given things to see, hear, and sometimes feel. All of my films are either goofy, dark, or just utterly horrifying, so bring your wife, kids, and parents this is fun for all your family ! Good day to you all, cheers!
whats in the near future? Since this is the beginning of my website I haven't included all that is yet to come. There is a web store, and a music page that is still needed to be put on to this site. So as of right now you are only getting a small taste of my chaotic, brain flush, so be patient and finish your dinner.
New Releases

Orbs is a project I worked on for a tech fair competition where I experimented with camera panning and bringing out emotions from characters with little detail.

Nikoria was a project my brother, Connor Tatum, came up with and asked me if i could makie it possible.

Stuff I'm Working on. So far here is a list of all the things currently putting me to work... . Website .Moonboy animation .Grimsfeild pastures part 2 .Marley's summer .Several pieces of art and such .Termite Toy box album

Created in 2018 by: Ethan Tatum