When 2008 rolled around I was really into cartoons I used to watch this thing on some channel that was about kid making animations and I was like I really want to do that. So one episode came on about flip note animating so I rushed to my room and grabbed pencils, papers, crayons... I mean the sky's the limits when you don't give a crap. So, I made several of those, and then just quite.



So, this is still the age of improvement so I tried to switch things up a bit. I tried illustrating comic strips. I made at least 23 comics in those years. One of the series, which was my biggest, was "John Jones" which were badly sketched and were the worst jokes ever, and i still have the book. Then i made a 2 part issue which was a little better, but more of 80's cliche then anything, called "Bullseye Legends". So, that was the end of that for awhile, then on either my birthday or my brothers birthday we (friends included) sat down at the kitchen table talking about what should we do since I was able to get a youtube account ( know I was the novice computer genie). So we scrapped ideas wasted time and what ever and BAM! we had it "Random Moments" so this was a golden moment. So we picked up a HD webcam and started working. we also had to come up with a studio so i just crammed something together called "Mechanical Monkey Studios".we had this going for a long time then we all got tired of the idea and tried a smaller project called "TNWAPG" which means, the nerd with a power-glove. unfortunately the show ended right when it started due to lack of knowledge of filming, scripting, ideas, lighting, etc. So I just made a website called TNWAPG.webs.com that is an invalid website now because I got rid of it, But i ran it for only two or three years.



There really isn't much to say about these two years except...I trained in web design, coding, etc. I also self taught filming, animation, and tried game development but just didn't quite make it, but I will still try to improve in it. Also I filmed "Our Daily Bread" 2014 then put together in 2015. Basically just dreamed and gathered inspiration and wrote it down in my little black book.



This is the year that every thing will come into it's True beginning This is when the website was being created, Thank you Jesus. I made the first Termite Toybox album (Strangelands) I finished "Our Daily Bread" and posted it on youtube.com Then I started working on Grimsfeild pastures, as well as a few other projects. Towards the end I finished Grimsfeild pastures and I created a Christmas cartoon and also I won First place in a contest for school...well two first places one in Film, and one in Animation.



This year is a proceeding of last year. I went to regions and won first in animation, first in tech literacy, second in film. I was put in the high school news paper then in the district newspapers. Then I went to the "Big End" competition, I lost there, but that wasn't the end because there's a much broader road ahead and I had much more to work on. I started writing some old films from the "back burner" and I started to learn AS3 (actionscript 3) which is a coding language just as Java-script, HTML, and CSS, but its mainly for Flash games so i thought I'd give it a poke. Then I started working on the new Termite Toybox album (Tape Scrapes). Then I finished the album at the beginning of summer and finished up on Bainford. Then I started writing some more cartoons and got started on Grimsfeild Pastures 2. During this year I went back and finished the "Nikoria pilot" that Connor wanted me to animate for him. We needed a female voice for the pilot so we contacted my cousin, Jayla Justice, for the part and she agreed to voice the character. We then took the project to the tech fair. We made it past the first two levels no problem.



We made it to the state level, then we had made first place on the project. We were then featured in the news papers, then a summer released magazine.

Created in 2018 by: Ethan Tatum